TruSelf Fitness is a community friendly local gym that is situated in the Helderberg, Strand area. The club is privately owned by local residents who investigated the local fitness industry and found a need.

Through thorough research it was found that this need was for a fully equipped exclusive gym with good prices. At TSF we seek to give the local community a chance at a healthier lifestyle, and help every one of its members to become the best version of themselves, because a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

TruSelf Fitness seeks to help you reach your full healthy potential. We seek to do this through offering professional advice and service though qualified personal trainers, who are always ready to help. Each individual is encouraged to take the time for a full assessment to define their needs on how TruSelf Fitness can help them in reaching their individual goals.

Through the assessments we can monitor each and every member’s progress insuring that you get the best out of ALL your workouts.

There is no better time to begin the journey than NOW

Become a part of the TSF Family – Become the True You.

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